We caved for central heating. Tropical house warming party anyone?

I can’t believe how quickly everything is coming along. The central heating is being installed this week and I am certainly not suprised that a lot of houses in our area haven’t got around to doing it themselves.
1. It’s expensive.
2. It’s bloody messy!
3. If you’re already decorated, you’d have to start over.

Luckily our house is a shell and we bought it for that very reason meaning we could:
1. Add value over the years.
2. Make it exactly how we wanted it. Our dream home if you will.
3. Have a project to work on as a family.

Here’s a few piccies of how the central heating is coming along so far. We’re away for the weekend and should be done when we get back. After using electric wall heaters that smell like burnt toast in the flat for so long, I’m excited for that cosy warm feeling again when it comes to our first Christmas in the house.

Back of lounge

Front of lounge

Pile of radiators ready to go!

The boiler!

Upstairs hall. Not much of a floor at the moment!

Main bedroom


Immersion heater in the bathroom has been destroyed woop! Adding extra room

What will one day be the bathroom! The door on the right used to be a separate WC but the wall has now gone and will eventually be a double shower.

Even Instagram can't tart up a skip.

-Karen x

Bathtime = time to get dirty

After the bathroom wall came down at the weekend, the next fun job was destroying the bath. It was pretty much a holding point for rubble at this point from when we knocked down the bathroom/toilet wall (and don’t worry, we weren’t just destroying a perfectly good bath. We’re not made of money! It was fully corroding and rotting so it was doomed from the start anyway. So there!)

After carrying the rubble in buckets down the stairs to the skip (feeling a bit like Mickey Mouse in Fantasia)  Joe, his dad (Peter) and his cousin (Gary) detached the bath from the wall – which was easier said than done – and then we all got a go on the bath with a sledgehammer.

I’m gutted there’s no video of me having a go because I did a really good job (I swear!) – much better than me trying to kick the fence in anyway. Oh well, it was fun and now we are shopping for a new bathroom suite. Dead grown up!

Peter digging out some bits of bath. Where are your gloves daddio?! Safety first!

Joe all dirty after taking a sledgehammer to the bathroom.


-Karen x

Making a house a home

I love that Joe added to this blog yesterday.

I was visiting family at the weekend and was away with work on Monday and Tuesday so I’m really enjoying looking at the pictures Joe took whilst I couldn’t be at the house over those few days (although I did make one or two appearances – I’ve done my bit, I promise!). Although everything still looks a little bit like a building site, it’s really starting to come together quickly. Family is a wonderful thing.

Here’s a few of my favourite piccies from the last week.

Gary (Joe's cousin) attacking the wall between the toilet and bathroom. With a hammer?

Love this picture of Peter through the first hole in the bathroom wall.

Rubbish left at the side of the house. Pre-skip.

Joe putting his feet up in the garden

Joe playing with Lily

Hmmm hall is bit messy!

Luckily we have Carol (Joe's mum), the clean up Queen!

She's defo got the right idea. Using a shower cap to avoid getting dust in her hair. GENIUS!

The lounge looks so much better now that the walls are sanded, the fire has been removed, and the carpet remains have been removed.

Us in our gear ❤

– Karen x

Demolition Man

The other day I had a great pleasure of tearing down the joining wall from our enclosed WC to the main bathroom with my cousin Gary.

Picture time before some serious business

First we had to chisel round the wall to make sure it wasnt attached to the brick out side, which luckily it wasn’t and it was just cemented in place. My dad then gave us the OK to take it down using large hammers, ( my dad felt like Thor)

Nice wallpaper.......NAT

It became very messy and hard to move around after 30 minutes of destruction.

How are we going to move this outside?

After the wall got taken down, we posted the bricks and cement slabs through a little bathroom window to the drive way outsdie ready to be put into the skip.

This is where I pull my back out putting this in the skip!

I was so glad we called the skip hire company that day after several debates with Karen suggesting we’ll takes it to the skip in a few runs in our cars. HA!

And a jobs a gooden after a good few hours cleaning, this will now be our shower enclosure after a few rejigs and the wooden toilet pan suspender is taken out.

Now time to rest with a kit kat and a drink with dad (left) Gary (cousin, right)

– Joe

Demolition caught on film

The weekend at the house included a fair bit of demolition in the garden. And I wish I could take credit for this, but to be honest, I’m a bit pants at the whole DIY thing and have the upper body strength of a flannel (not sure that even makes sense! Either way, I’m a weakling.)

Joe was an absolute trooper and bashed out the concrete posts on the front which will eventully give room for us to build a driveway. He had the most enormous blister on his hand that I have ever seen by the end of the day. But he was in his element. D’awww.

I was given the challenge of kicking down the weedy little fence at the front which was already half falling off. As you can see, I wasn’t very good, and Amy just watched and laughed (which is typical because she is as strong as Hercules.Sisterly love eh?)

Following this “success”, I was then given a task in the back garden; to trim some trees/bushes. Sounds simple enough. But I couldn’t even get the chainsaw running…

The petrol was run out I promise! (That’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it…)
Anywho, we eventually got it going, and I managed to break about 2 twigs after some help from Andy (Joe’s Sister’s hubby-to-be) before going off on a strop because I’m just bloody useless.

This blog should be re-named “Karen fails at DIY“. I will get some videos of Joe up soon to show you how to really do up a house.

-Karen x