Mum’s the word

I was lucky enough to get 2 days off work this week (Thursday & Friday) to get some more done on the house. My mum (Angela) came to see the house for the first time and to lend a hand. It was so nice to see her and even better to put her to work! I remember when I was young and my mum would make me and my sister (Amy) strip wallpaper and tidy up when our houses were being decorated. Revenge is sweet!


Mum starting on the bedroom walls with the electric sander

Mum's phone after about 10 minutes of sanding the walls (pardon my nails). It got so dusty in there that we kept setting the fire alarm off. Oops!

Taking a break from the dustcloud upstairs, we head to the lounge to find....the cat! Making herself at home 🙂

Mum again. "I knew I shouldn't have worn my good jeans" haha she's a numpty

Joe joins us after work 🙂

Time for a break in the garden. Sunshine!

My mum unfortunately had to leave the previous night as she doesn’t live locally anymore (insert sad face here). So Friday it was just me. I spent a lot of time singing wildly to cheesy music, and dancing on a ladder, which I now know is dangerous. Who knew?

Safety first!

Turns out I wasn't alone after all! Hello Lily

I sit down for a 5 minute breather...there she is again! Straight onto my lap. D'awww

Stripping the ceiling in the back bedroom, I thought she had left. But no, she's just exploring the garden.

-Karen x

What bank holidays are made of…

I’ve always been aware that bank holidays are big for DIY and getting good deals (HURRY, SALE ENDS MONDAY. GET IT NOW OR DIE A MISERABLE DEATH FROM REGRET).

But I’ve never really been a part of that because I’ve always lived with my parents in a finished house, in student accomodation or in a rented apartment. So the past few years, whenever I hear ‘bank holiday weekend’ I think, “Fab, an extra hangover day at the weekend. Huzzah!”

But not anymore. Welcome to adulthood Karen.
This weekend, my new best friend has become the local B&Q warehouse and I now know that you can never own too many bin bags.

Over Saturday, Sunday and bank holiday Monday me & Joe had lots of helpers around, who we now owe big time, and we got plenty done around the house. I imagine this is what all future bank holidays are likely to consist of. And d’ya know what? I don’t even mind *insert cheesy smile*

Here’s a few snippets of progress.

Chipboard wallpaper. It's everywhere! It HAS to go.

Kitchen tiles came off with a simply kicking...

My sister Amy stripping the lounge wall

Here she is again!

My Aunty Hel (& Uncle Ste, and Cousins Callum & Rhiannon) popped round to help. They were camera shy.

Out comes the gas fire and carpet in the main bedroom

That's better!

Joe's sister Sam and mum Carol giving the box room a good gutting!

Me and my sis clearing up mounds of chipboard wallpaper in the lounge.

Chipboard for the tip, from ONE wall!

My Aunty Maggie giving a helping hand with the steamer.

Amy relaxing after a long hard day.

More of the same next weekend I hope!

-Karen x