I’m just going to go for a shower….because i CAN!

Last month we had the bathroom finished.

I have been a bit pants at blogging because we’ve just been busy with wedding things and trying to get our heads around venues and budgets and all that stuff.

But, I’ve finally taken some pictures of the finished result.

First, a reminder of how it looked when we moved in with special appearances from the rotting cast iron bath, grab rails, and pink damp walls…
Previously it was a separate ‘ye olde Victorian’ loo, but that wasn’t with us for long. Joe enjoyed ripping down the wall too. Now, we are the proud owners of a modern fully functioning bathroom!

I tried to use a 360 app thingy for a better picture…
It’s so much bigger now that the two rooms have been combined. And the shower is a monster. I can do the Can Can in there if i want to. Not that I’d want to…

I hope you’ll agree that it’s looking a lot better than it did this time last year!

There are a few more jobs to crack on with, such as :

  • PVC window
  • Buy bathmat
  • Add a cupboard somwhere
  • Buy a mirror
  • Paint the door

…but these will come with time.

We were so excited when the work was finished that we had a ‘Grand Opening’ of the bathroom with Joe’s parents and sister. We even put a ribbon on the door to mark the occasion. Oh yes. We went there!

Thanks so much to absolutely everyone who pitched in over the months to get it finished. You’re all superstars and you’re welcome to use our facilities whenever you like 😉

Karen x

June Bathroom Update – Part 2

As promised, this is a continuation from my last bathroom related blog post. Here’s what happened in our bathroom this week.

We bought a towel radiator at the weekend. Keith (bathroom fitter) reserved it for us at trade price which included all the valves and heating implements. This was installed and is functional.
The shower piping is now fully installed and has been tiled. Now that there’s no exposed brickwork, it looks amazing. Just a few touch ups needed. The drilled areas are in preparation for the shower heads.


The floor is IN! The bathroom door was removed so the floor tiles could be done easier. As always, sorry for the pants pictures! We weren’t allowed to walk on the tiles whilst they sealed/dried/whatever they were doing! So these are sneaky peaks from the hallway. For so long I get out of the bath all clean, only to find glass/plaster in my feet 10 minutes later. I won’t be sad to say goodbye to those floorboards.


The shower is DONE!
Of course, here’s Joe with yet another pretend shower! 🙂
The doors are on. Everything is sealed.The mixer and shower heads and attached. The floor has also been grouted (but needs a good clean).
What really impressed me is that the shower doors were actually an inch or so too short to fit our gap. We never realised this because they’ve been living in the kitchen since they were ordered.

I guess that’s what you get when you buy a bathroom off eBay knowing nothing at all about bathrooms!

But, Keith made it look as if they were the perfect fit. Really impressed.


The final bits and bobs were done on Thursday. The bath panel was fitted, the sink and toilet have been properly installed and voila, we have a bathroom!

The sink has been living in the second bedroom for longer than I care to remember, and we’ve had a pile of cut up tiles in there too for months. I love that this is all going to be gone. The house will look so much neater!

I’m going to do a post later this week with some good pictures of the finished result. Yippee!

Karen x

June Bathroom Update

It’s finally here! We are officially getting our bathroom finished.
This week, we had a guy come in for the job. So far he has been at the house 2 days. He’s due back next week after the weekend. Here’s what has happened so far:

Day 1 – Wednesday
The floorboards have come up in preparation for the towel radiator next week. This is what half the house was like when we moved in because we were having central heating installed. Wow, this takes me back a few months…
The piping for the shower has been installed. I love that it’s going to be all hidden inside the walls.
Ths shower tray is now in the right place, ready for installation. Although the pictures don’t show it, the waste trap  for the shower (I think that’s what it’s called) has also been sorted. Where the waste water would flow, it just so happened to fall exactly where our joists and central heating pipes are, causing a problem. I don’t know how he’s sorted it, but I’m told it’s not a problem anymore. And yes, I’m pretty sure it’s been done as I came home from work to this clue.
Hint: It was hanging out of the side of the house!

Day 2 – Thursday

The piping is prepared for the sink. This will be fitted once the floors are in.

The shower mixer is in!
Behind this there is a small window. One day we are going to remove it altogether because, obviously, we’re not using it anymore. For now though, it has been plyboarded (real word?) and insulated to protect the piping. As you can see, then more plyboard has been put on the walls, ready for the final bits of tiling.

The shower tray is finally on the floor! It is an absolute beast! It has been on quite a journey since it arrived. It started in the lounge, then migrated to the kitchen, then to the second bedroom, and finally it’s found its home.
I got so excited that me and Joe had ‘pretend’ showers on the tray. We are total saddos. EXICTED saddos!
June Bathroom Update – Part 2 to come next week. Yay!

Karen x

May Bathroom update

Well, I haven’t posted much about the house in the past month or so, and to be quite honest, it’s because we haven’t done a whole lot!

We’ve been a little distracted with engagement stuff and with the sun finally making an appearance – it’s our first summer with a garden yay!

But, Joe’s parents bought us bathroom lights as an engagement pressie, and they make so much difference to the room! Thanks so much Peter and Carol! It’s one less thing we need to do in there. Slowly but surely, things are coming along nicely.
Joe has been scraping the walls as there is still a bit of grout on there. He also left me this lovely message in tape which he later regretted because it’s expensive stuff haha. Awww. You can’t put a price on romance Joe 😉

In brighter news though, it looks as though we are having the bathroom finished in a fortnight. We’ve got someone coming in to fit the shower, permanently fit the toilet and sink, and lay the floor tiles. I’m hoping my June bathroom update will be showing you the finished room…Watch this space! 

Karen x 

We’re on a mission. A bathroom mission.

I know I almost never mention work on our bathroom* but this past few weeks Joe and I have tried to get some bathroom fitters in to give price quotes on getting the job finished.

If you’re wondering what we need doing:

  • Final piping (including installing the shower mixer into the brickwork and fitting the waste drainpipe).
  • Then the shower tray and doors (essentially the whole thing!) can go in.
  • Then we can put in the bathroom floor.
  • Then we can permanently fit our sink and toilet.
  • Then we can claim that we have a bathroom!
  • Then we can do a victory dance.

You get the idea. We need help.

The shower job is a hindrance because it is not something we are qualified to do. We could probably give it a jolly good go, but quite frankly, something that is going to live forever behind a tiled wall/stone shower floor, we want doing right.

Back to my story, if that’s what this is. We have been let down. Bathroom fitters have turned up and had absolutely no idea how to complete the job. Or, they haven’t turned up at all.

I really can’t tell you how frustrated I am at the situation. It’s almost as if they don’t want the work. I thought this was a recession?

I don’t want to use this blog as a moaning station. When our house is complete and I decide to re-read our progress, I don’t want to remember being angry or upset, because apart from this bathroom blip, fixing up our house is probably the most fun and exciting thing we’ve ever taken on (although maybe the wedding will take the number one spot soon *squeal*)

So, it’s a complete long shot, but if anyone in the Trafford/Greater Manchester area (UK) can recommend to me a good bathroom fitter, we’d love to consider them.


*some statements may not be complete and utter fibs! 🙂

Karen x

April Bathroom Update

Just like I said last month, when we got the keys to the house in August, I didn’t think I’d be writing an April bathroom update. BUT, we are very close to getting the final wheels in motion. Hoorah!

Joe has done an enormous amount of work himself, from piping to tiling, but it has now got to the point where we’re going to have to get in the professionals and we’re due to have some quotes this week.

Here’s a few reasons why:

This right here is the window that used to be behind the toilet. For those that have been keeping up to speed with my bathroom updates, you’ll know that the toilet has been moved and this is going to be a double shower. Where the window is, will be the piping and mixer for the shower. Something we never considered before was this window. If we put pipes in here and then tiled over, there’s a good chance they could freeze in the winter. We’re going to have to knock out the window and brick up.
And whilst we’re at that, we need the main window for the room replacing. We had a window company come round about a month or so ago to give us some quotes for the last 4 windows in the house that need double glazing (luckily about half of the house had already been done by the time we moved in. I’ll give you a clue who gave us the quote. If you buy one you get one free. I SAID, you buy one, you get one free! That will probably only make sense to my UK readers).

However, what we thought would be the cheapest turned out to be the most expensive – the bathroom window. Apparently, because of it’s height, there are safety regulations that mean you need enforced glass in bathrooms as well as different types of glass for privacy. Typical. Quite frankly, getting the shower fitted takes precendence over the window for now, but I’m adamant we will have a new window in before winter.

Another reason we need a professional in is the big one – the shower.
As you can see, it’s finally in it’s deginated spot! Not quite installed yet, but soon.
If you look closely, the new floorboard area is what Joe has put in, as it used to be a hole for the toilet. He’s also had to do bits and bobs of piping for the…you guessed it.. shower. However, these pipes were put under/over/through the floorboards/joists that are underneath and unfortunately that is something we can’t do with a waste pipe. The waste hole for this shower just happens to fit exactly over one of the main joists that is keeping the upstairs of the house from becoming the downstairs.
This means we’ll probably need the shower floor raising slightly. I obviously have no idea what I’m talking about when it comes to the batroom – it’s Joe’s big project and he’s the expert but as soon as we’ve got some quotes in the next week or so, expect to see some action, and hopefully, soon enough, some finished bathroom pictures! Watch this space.

Also – and this is not necessarily something we need a professional for, but we’ve got it ready for when the room is done – Joe’s parents gave us these for Easter.
Joe and I are always joking that we want to completely replicate his parent’s bathroom. It’s been re-designed in the past few years and it’s just generally a really nice looking bathroom. We haven’t yet bought any “finishing” bits for our bathroom yet (toilet roll holder, soap dishes etc) because we just didn’t see the point until the actual room was all built and put together. But, we now have our first lot of bathroom accessories! Woohoo! I love these dispensers. It makes the room look so much neater instead of having a million different shampoo bottles around. The only dilemma with this is, how do I stop Joe from using my fancy girly shower foams?

Karen x

Joe’s productive weekend

As I mentioned in my previous post, Joe & I had a really productive weekend. I’ve cracked on getting the bedroom walls painted, and Joe has been working hard on the bathroom.

I don’t have as many pictures for Joe’s bit of the weekend for a few reasons:
1: I was busy painting.
2: He gets a bit miffed if I’m stood there taking pictures if it looks like he’s been in a dust storm.
3: He thinks I do it to procrastinate (this is sometimes true).

One thing I did manage to get a sneaky picture of is the new floorboards that he put in around the corner of the bathroom. Because of waste pipes and central heating pipes being installed over the past few months, these floorboards have taken a real beating and were no longer even. As the sink will be put here eventually, it needs to be level so Joe has been replacing the wood. With this evened out, we should be able to get a tiled floor put in reasonably soon.
He also continued cutting the tiles for around the bathroom door. It’s been a time-consuming job for him because the cut needs to be so accurate and the wall isn’t entirely even (despite being plastered argh!). It’s quite frustrating from what I can tell. Plus, he ends up covered in dust, cuts and bruises. Poor Joey.

This one made me laugh though. I think it may need re-grouting Joe? 🙂
Away from the bathroom, Joe took the birdhouse into the garden. This was a handmade Christmas present from Joe’s aunty and uncle. I absolutely love it! However, with the really windy weather we’ve had lately, it’s been living in the outhouse to avoid it being smashed. Now that Spring is in the air, we’ve added some leftover Taco shells for the birds (surely they like tacos) and popped it at the end of the garden.

Karen x 

March Bathroom Update

I must admit, when we received the keys for the house in August, I never thought that re-modelling the bathroom would result in a March bathroom update. I honestly thought this room would be the easiest thing ever (completely delusional). And I suppose for me it has been – although my general girly showering/pampering routine has gone to pot. Joe and his dad have done the bulk of the hard work.

Note to self: buy them beer.

But regardless of how long it is taking, it is coming along nicely. When I look back at old pictures I do realise how much progress has been made.

Take a look at this video for example. We (again, I did next to nothing to help but I’m going to take credit anywho) had ripped down the wall between the bathroom and the toilet, ripped out the immersion heater and started chipping away at the broken tiles to expose the brick.

As you can see, it looked pretty atrocious – just like my camera skills on my old phone! I can’t apologise enough for the shoddiness of this video. I must add ‘learn photography’ to my to-do list.

But ho hum! As long as we have a fully functioning bathroom at some point in 2012, I’m a happy bunny. I’m so excited for it, I may very well blog about my first shower in the house. Well, the first one that wasn’t in the garden…

Here’s a few snapshots of how the bathroom looks at the minute:

Fully grouted around the bath

Tiles are starting to go on around the window.

Tiles starting to go on around the door.

What will be the double shower

That white pipe is our waste pipe from the bath. We need to connect it to the outside drainpipes. And yes, that's a hole straight into our bathroom so it's normally pretty breezy in there!

The water pipe spurts out onto the side of our house. Luckily we are going to build a driveway here eventually. Looks messy though!

Karen x

Another bathroom update!

To the outside world it won’t look as if we’ve done a whole lot yet and I know that most normal people get a bathroom done in about two weeks. Well, we’re not normal. Nor are we rich.

Joe has worked really hard on doing the room himself and we have completely re-modelled it so it may still take a while.
Current tasks in the bathroom include:

Moving piping
I didn’t even know what a stop tap was before moving house. This is how new it is to me. For anyone else as gormless as myself on the topic, the stop tap is a tap that stops/starts the water supply to your house. It was previously behind the toilet but as we have moved this and are now putting a shower there, it’s probably the worst place for a stop tap. (How many times can you say stop tap in a minute?)
Within this job comes moving a lot of pipes around (apparently).
Joe has already drilled down to the area in the kitchen where we will have the new stop tap (directly underneath the old toilet/new shower area).
Also, we had to remove the old hot/cold water pipes that were sticking out of the floor in the bathroom and coming down the kitchen walls. These are redundant now because we have central heating.
This was a welcome job because Joe got to use his beloved angle grinder and wear a funny overall outfit.

The pipes were directly above the sink so it got a bit messy…

Joe has started grouting. Hooray! The whole bathroom can’t be done yet because the shower needs to be installed into the wall before we can tile that area. But a start is a start.

Installing the essentials
So far the toilet and bath has been temporarily installed. They had to be removed though in order for Joe to tile behind them. Technically we shouldn’t be using the bath at all without a seal and without it being fully connected. As you can see, it’s currently being balance on a poker chip. But hey, a girl’s gotta wash!
We’ll need to hire someone soon to fit in everything. Finally! The toilet, sink, bath and shower. It’s a big job and won’t be cheap, but we’re nearing the finish line now.

Buy a door
The current door has taken a good battering with all the DIY going on lately. It doesn’t matter so much though because it is going to be replaced eventually (it is also bright pink – my least favourite colour in the world). For the time being though, we’ve had to flip it upside down so we can move the hinges as we want it to open towards the wall, as opposed to the open space. It looks a bit funny and we’re using a tub of adhesive as a lock (if you want privacy, place tub in front of door. Simple) but it does the job for now.

Karen x

Bathroom Update!

So, not long ago, we came to the realisation that tiles cost an absolute fortune. Who knew? We’ve been putting this stage off, not because we didn’t want to do it (trust me, I am so excited to have a shower and then not be covered in dust! It’s currently like getting out of the ocean on a beach, but far less glamorous) but simply because of the cost.

All we initially wanted was a plain white tile to cover the walls, with a small border around the room. Any colour at all. We were pretty flexible. But, it turns out this is incredibly difficult to find that’s not outrageously out of our budget. For bloody tiles?!
I tell you what, it’s a good job I’m not that much of a girly girl because if I spent any money on clothes/shoes/make-up, we probably wouldn’t even have a bath yet!

Anyway….after stumbling upon a really good deal in B&Q for some plain whilte tiles with a slight grey fleck in them, we decided to sod the border design, and stock up on these. Get the bathroom finished and then decorate with ornaments instead. Again, with cost in mind, Joe and his dad decided to take on the challenge of tiling the bathroom themselves. So far, they seem to be doing a fab job and I’m really proud of them for braving it!

There has been a few set-backs such as some tiles falling off and Joe screaming with frustration – I was cooking tea downstairs at the time so could only assume that he’s chopped his arm off. But, it seems to be going pretty well.

Hopefully next week, it will be further along and we will be able to book someone in to install our bathroom and shower (currently the loo is in temporarily and the bath still isn’t fully fitted. We’re still brushing our teeth in the kitchen sink. It’s almost like luxurious camping!).

Here’s a few piccies of the work so far.

The first pile of tiles…

Joe primed the walls and painted the lowered ceiling white.

Bacon butties for the boys at work – complete with ketchup initials. Awww!

The first wall that was done – What will make the back of the walk-in shower.
More coming soon…

Karen x