Re-using tester pots to make wedding decorations

If you have spent a lot of time decorating your home, like me you will probably have accumulated a large number of paint tester pots. I hate waste and have been looking for a good way to use them up for a while.

Luckily our wedding colour is green, and as our bedroom is also green, I thought I could find something wedding-related to use it for.

I’ve noticed in the magazines and on plenty of blogs, it’s becoming popular to have some sort of Mr & Mrs ornament, or the initials of the bride and groom. Joe’s sister took us to a place in Leeds called Country Baskets a few weeks ago to pick up a few bits and bobs for the big day and I found these cardboard letters – They were about 70p each.
 (I know this kind of thing is popular in children’s bedrooms in the past few years and the baby shops charge almost £10 a letter, so I think the fact that ours are cardboard and less than a quid each was a bargain!)

So, I got some newspaper out, a paintbrush and the tester pots and got painting. I think they’ll look lovely next to our post box, and after the wedding I can put them in a frame and mount it on the wall since it’s the right colour scheme!

We used Dulux’s Melon Sorbet for our initials and Dulux’s Chic Shadow for the ampersand.

Any other ideas of what to do with tester pots?

Karen x

Blogiversary, housiversary and anniversary

So last Friday marked mine and Joe’s ‘official’ 6 year anniversary. Exciting times!

It also marked a year of living in our lovely house and as a result, a year of this blog!

I started writing on here when we moved into the house so that when we finish renovating and decorating, we can look back and have a great scrapbook of our progress. And, only a year in, we are already able to do that. The other day I was looking through my posts tagged with Bathroom and I can’t believe how awesome it looks now compared to when we bought the house.

Along the way, I’ve followed some new sites, and been introduced to other bloggers also on a DIY journey. Not only has it been interesting, but it’s been an eye opener for ideas, and helpful sources.

And it looks like some are enjoying mine just as much as I’m enjoying their – I’ve certainly had more views than I expected! I’m really glad others are enjoying this process with us and it’s lovely that our family gets to see our improvements even if they’re dotted all over the country.

As for mine and Joe’s anniversary, well, six years went by very quickly.

We kept it very low key with a Chinese takeaway and a TV marathon. It’s pretty much our favourite way to wind down and mostly due to wedding budget, we wanted to keep it cheap and cheerful.

I’ll be sad to leave behind our August anniversary though. We’ve had some great mini adventures on that date but, our April wedding anniversary in the future will definitely be something worth giving it up for.

Here’s to the next year of blogging and the next six years with Joey.

We looked so young back then!

Karen x

Wishlist Wednesday – Super shelving

This week I stumbled across a blog post on Red Hen Home on how to make an entrance in your hallway, and I love the way they’ve done it.

The blogger has re-used old suitcases as shelving. I think it looks so interesting!
Something we don’t have any of at the moment is shelving.

We have a bookcase in the lounge which is used for the enormous amount of DVDs and Blu-Rays we’ve accumulated, but I think we could do with getting one or two up in our bedroom – one of the only rooms in the house that has painted walls, ready for decoration! Then we can unpack more boxes hooray! That’s right, we’ve been in the house for a year and still haven’t unpacked. Oops! 🙂

Let’s see if i can come up with anything half as creative as this.

Karen x

The house with the blue fence

When we moved in, we were generously given a new fence by Joe’s Aunty and Uncle. The one that was already there was falling apart and along with the overgrown front garden, made the house look abandoned – which it was. But we wanted people to know that it wasn’t a free for all anymore. It’s ours.

Now, people are really going to pay attention because Joe has painted it blue!

It’s so pretty, I love it!

He used Cuprinol Garden Shades paint, and unfortunately from the state of the tin, I don’t know what shade it is! Beaumont Blue rings a bell though…
Joe’s mum says the fence makes her smile as she drives down our road and sees the house. Aww. 🙂

Next we will need a blue front door to match. Can’t wait!

Karen x

8 months to go…

So the wedding is technically less than 8 months away now. AAAAAAAHHHHH!

Or I supposed you could say it’s about 237 days away.
Or 33-ish weeks.
Or 341,920 minutes.
Or 20,476,280 seconds.

But who’s counting?

Since we booked the venue in July, wedding plans have really started to move along. We’ve only been engaged 3 and a half months but it feels like the idea of this wedding has been around much longer!

Since last month we have:

  • Paid the deposit for the venue and booked our family into rooms for the weekend
  • Given notice with the registrar and posted our marriage certificates to the council of where we’re getting married
  • Picked our ceremony music and readings
  • Ordered the invites
  • Booked our honeymoon – Cuba here we come!
  • I’ve bought my wedding dress
  • Started buying the room and table decorations
  • Picked our wedding rings – yet to purchase but it’s just a matter of waiting for another payday!
  • Started a Facebook group for the hen night and it looks like this will be planned in the next few weeks.
  • And it seems as if Joe’s stag do plans are coming on pretty good too!

I’d say that’s not bad! 🙂
Bored of wedding stuff? Joe has been working hard on the garden and I’ll be posting about that later this week. Toodlepip for now.

Karen x

Wishlist Wednesday – Corking wedding memories

How many bottles of wine have a cork these days?

I recently discovered these cork place cards on my internet wedding travels, and thought it was absolutely adorable.

(Click the image to see how the bride made them.)

However, we already have our place card stuff ordered and ready for making nearer to the big day – oh yes, I’m getting organised!
Not to mention, I don’t think we’d accumulate quite so much wine before the wedding now that I’m starting my wedding diet. Well, I’ve got to start some time. And there’s all the family birthdays and Christmas smack bang in the middle. SIGH!

But… I wonder if our wedding venue would let us keep the corks from the bottles that are served? After all, what else are they going to do with them? It’s worth an ask!

I’m thinking it would be nice to create something  special with them, like this cork noticeboard.

It’d be a lovely momentum of our wedding as well as a much needed item for the kitchen – whenever we get round to installing one! 🙂

This particular website makes the board for you if you send them your corks but I think it;d be a nice project after all the excitement of the wedding has died down.

What do you think? Anyone else done anything similar with wedding ‘leftovers’? I hope we can keep the corks!

Karen x

5 things the magazines don’t tell you about wedding dress shopping

This weekend was so amazing. I bought my wedding dress!

It’s true what people say. When you see ‘the dress’ you will know it’s the one for your big day. However, I found the whole experience a little different than I expected…

1. Book well in advance.
I know that most stores ‘recommend’ appointments, but holy potatoes, I really struggled to get any appointments at all.
One particular store had an 8 week waiting list to try on dresses. Seriously. Eight actual weeks!
As bridal stores are generally not open on Sundays and very rarely available on evenings, if you work full-time like I do, take the earliest Saturday you can get! Out of the 3 shops I managed to get into, they all told me it takes about 6 months for the dresses to arrive. I did not know this. As I’m getting married in just over 8 months, I was suddenly on a major deadline. I imagine they normally come in earlier than this, but it wasn’t something I was prepared to risk. I’m a stress head enough as it is. And breathe…

2. Don’t expect to like all the dresses…if any of them!
The first shop I visited, I didn’t see one single dress I liked. I felt really disheartened by the whole experience, Drama Queen that I am – “Woe is me. I’ve been to one whole shop and didn’t find my dress” – I worry about my mental health sometimes. The thing is, you expect to like something. I felt that most wedding dresses made me feel frumpy and really old. I found the experience took a bit of getting used to.

3. Prepare to be stuffed like a chicken.
In one shop, nearly all the dresses in the store were a size 16. I am a size 8/10. I may be naive here but I thought there would have been more sizes available. Instead, I now know that if a dress is too large, they tighten it as much as they can, and then either pin you, or stuff you. Yes that’s right, I was stuffed with sponges to ‘get a feel for the dress’. Personally, I don’t care how nice a dress is – if it’s not even remotely close to your size, it’s going to look awful. I found the other shops much more effective who had a larger range of sizes. It might be worth asking the bridal shops what sizes they stock before making an appointment.

4. Don’t think about taking pictures.
I am on a Facebook group for brides and I’ve been on all the major forums like Confetti, Wedding Bee, You and Your Wedding etc. Every day, I see women asking for opinions regarding their dress choices. But I’m not sure how they got so many pictures!
One shop I visited forbid any form of photography. The next had no problem with it whatsoever. The third said we could only take a picture once we bought the dress.
I understand that bridal shops don’t want anyone stealing designs and such, but they should at least have their own digital camera on the premises. At the place I wasn’t allowed to take pictures, by the end of the session, I’d forgotten what any of the dresses looked like. If they had their own, you could still flick through whilst not taking them home. Take a camera just in case, but don’t be sad when they say no to pictures. You have been warned.

5. Wear a strapless bra.
Over and over again I have read that bridal shops have spare strapless bras or cups for dress trying on. I didn’t find this was the case. I didn’t wear a strapless bra to my first shop and I wish I had. The woman kept slipping off my straps and stuffing it in the dress. I found it all very uncomfortable. Just go in a strapless bra in the first place. If you’re self conscious wear leggings and a longline strapless bra.

I know it sounds like i didn’t enjoy the whole experience very much from this but I actually loved it. I got to spend time with my mum and sister and go shopping – something i never ever treat myself to.

This is just a heads up for future brides who might expect flowing champagne and to automatically know what you want. 🙂

I can’t wait to see my dress again! And since Joe is so nosy and wants to see it now, if he asks, this is what I’ll look like on our wedding day….
Karen x