What a difference a month makes

It took us one whole month from getting the keys to the house, to making it decent enough to live in. Joe took some pictures of the house just before we had the keys, and here are some updated images now that we have got our stuff in, so you can see how much it has come along (and how much we still have to do!) in such a short space of time. Really proud of ourselves, and grateful to the family who have been superstars.

The Lounge


Since then we have…
Stripped and skimmed the walls and then painted them white.
The fire has been removed completely and the floors have been stripped back to the floorboards.


The dining table has also been shoved into the lounge for now. As soon as we build a dining room, that's where it will go!

The Kitchen


To be honest, not much has been done in the kitchen. Eventually, we plan to knock through the back wall to extend the size of the room and then build a kitchen. So far, this room has had the boiler installed, and that’s about it! It is mostly being used for storage.


Bedroom 1 (the “master” bedroom)


In our bedroom, the horrendous moss green carpet has been removed. The bright pink wallpaper has been stripped off. The gas fire has also been removed. We have skimmed the walls and given it a white coat of paint.


Even managed to fit my dresser in there! Plenty of my junk yet to unpack though...

Bedroom 2


This room has been stripped of the horrible wallpaper. Because we couldn’t afford to have another room skimmed just yet, we decided to just paint behind where our wardrobes were going to go, and leave the rest until later. You may have heard me talking about the wardrobes before. They are massive and once they are assembled, we are NEVER moving them.

Poor Peter (Joe's dad) having to assemble them. You're a legend Peter!

The rest of the room is currently being used for "storage"

 Bedroom 3 (The boxroom)


I would have loved to show you what this looks like now, but it is currently home to a computer desk, a spare single bed, and an entire bathroom suite, so it’s pretty stuffed!
We have however, removed the lovely carpets, and all wallpaper.

The bathroom


What used to be this awfully dated pink bathroom suite (rotting, may I add) and a separate WC, we have now ripped out all fittings and tiles, as well as the adjoining wall. We have taken everything back to the brick, added plasterboard to the walls and ceiling (to make a lowered ceiling) and added a toilet. As soon as we can afford taps and tiles, we will fit the rest of the bathroom. Hoorah!


We will probably take things a little slower now. We got so much done in the first month simply because we had to. I can’t wait to get all the dirty stuff out of the way and get some flooring in the next few months. It’s going to be a blast.

Karen x

The final countdown: Part 4


Today has been a bit overwhelming for me.
Mum, my step-dad Nick, and my sister Amy popped round to the flat early this morning to help move stuff between the flat and the house, but me & Joe weren’t quite as prepared as we thought we were. However, as my mum often says, “You’ve got to be brutal.” I was hoping to be very organised, recycle everything I didn’t want and maybe put a few things on eBay but with so much to do at the house, we’ve neglected the packing.

I’m superduper excited to move into the house properly. A new era and all that jazz. But it will be hard to leave the comforts of the flat. It was mine & Joe’s first home together and we have had some pretty good times there. Plus, it will be hard moving away from my sister Amy, who lives in the same building at the minute. It’ll be hard not seeing her every day.  On a lihgter note, check out the progress we made today…

Joe in our bedroom flat. The wardrobes are going to be difficult to move...

The other half of the flat bedroom. Plenty to still pack...

The bedroom by the end of the day. The bed has been moved so looks like we're just on the mattress for now.

The second bedroom in the flat. The single bed has gone, computer desk has been dismantled and moved, and the room has been taken over by our wardrobe doors. Don't know how we're going to move them...

The second bedroom by the end of the day. Looks bigger now that it's empty!

Amy helping to pack the kitchen.

Back at the house…

Nick helping unload some boxes

Mum sanding the skirting boards in the lounge

Peter (Joe's dad) adding new skirting to where the fireplace left a hole

Sam (Joe's sister) painting the second bedroom in preparation for the monstrous wardrobes

I’d better crack on with packing for more of the same tomorrow…

-Karen x

Mum’s the word

I was lucky enough to get 2 days off work this week (Thursday & Friday) to get some more done on the house. My mum (Angela) came to see the house for the first time and to lend a hand. It was so nice to see her and even better to put her to work! I remember when I was young and my mum would make me and my sister (Amy) strip wallpaper and tidy up when our houses were being decorated. Revenge is sweet!


Mum starting on the bedroom walls with the electric sander

Mum's phone after about 10 minutes of sanding the walls (pardon my nails). It got so dusty in there that we kept setting the fire alarm off. Oops!

Taking a break from the dustcloud upstairs, we head to the lounge to find....the cat! Making herself at home 🙂

Mum again. "I knew I shouldn't have worn my good jeans" haha she's a numpty

Joe joins us after work 🙂

Time for a break in the garden. Sunshine!

My mum unfortunately had to leave the previous night as she doesn’t live locally anymore (insert sad face here). So Friday it was just me. I spent a lot of time singing wildly to cheesy music, and dancing on a ladder, which I now know is dangerous. Who knew?

Safety first!

Turns out I wasn't alone after all! Hello Lily

I sit down for a 5 minute breather...there she is again! Straight onto my lap. D'awww

Stripping the ceiling in the back bedroom, I thought she had left. But no, she's just exploring the garden.

-Karen x