Wishlist Wednesday: A lime green wedding

Our invites have started going out now so there’s no disguising that our colour scheme for the wedding is lime green, black and white.

It took us ages to decide on a colour scheme (what a surprise, we were indecisive about something!) but now that we’ve picked, I can’t stop looking at pretty lime green wedding pictures online.

(Most of them I found on Pinterest. Seriously, how were weddings ever planned before this site?)

I thought I’d share a collection of my favourite images with you that have given me inspiration!

My wish for this week is to have them all!

Over the next few months, I’ll have to carefully select where to use the colours on the big day because if i get too carried away it will look like we’re getting married in a swamp. A very pretty swamp.

Karen x

6 thoughts on “Wishlist Wednesday: A lime green wedding

  1. Great choice! We had a green theme going on as well (ours was quite like the mens’ ties in the first pic)… I’m sure it won’t be swamplike at all! Have you got pics of your invites?

    • It’s a lovely colour!
      No piccies of the invites just yet. I’m defo doing a post on them though but I’ll wait until all our guests have received them so not to ruin any surprises! 🙂 x

  2. Love this color too! We’re doing pretty much the same green (I was calling it chartreuse) with dark purple, lavender and grey/silver. Thanks for the like!

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