Wishlist Wednesday – 29th Feb 2012

I should really rename this post: “Why I’m the best girlfriend in the world.

I don’t mind Star Wars. I’d even go as far to say I quite like it. I even have the Star Wars Cantina Band as my ringtone. But Joe really loves it. So, I know the tradition for 29th February is for a lady to propose to your fella as it’s a leap year. Well I’m not doing that. Instead, I’ll just dedicate this Wishlist Wednesday to Joe and include all the memorabilia I know he would love to have in the house one day.

We do already have Darth Vader in the lounge, a canvas of Vader to go up somewhere when we have more walls, and Joe has a Jedi dressing gown which my mum bought him last Christmas. But apparently it’s not quite good enough. One day Joe, we shall decorate your computer room the office into a space room – a jolly good compromise if you ask me! (I have a thing about space stuff) The below are what I think Joe would just love in the house.

Star Wars wallpaper

Han Solo carbonite desk anyone?

Nursery. Awww

R2D2 bin. Perhaps not...

I do worry what our house will look like in a few years time. Hopefully it will remain relatively normal though. Even if we do end up geeking it up.

Karen x 

Cheers Nan

This week, I finally paid off a loan which I took out in August to pay for some house improvements. Huzzah!

August was when we got the keys and needed to get a move on making the house into a liveable space, but funds were lacking and quite frankly, we were on a deadline to move in. The Bank of Mum was very understanding and we were able to pay for the boiler for the central heating and we also bought a bathroom suite (one of the first things we did in the house was take a sledgehammer to the rotting cast iron bath so you can imagine it was pretty urgent, even if half of it still lies in a box in the second bedroom. One day it will make it to the ball!).

As I said, I’ve this week paid it all off in one swoop, and this is a small (and probably pointless) post to say thank you to my Nana Doris (such a Nana name ain’t it?) who passed away last February.

The only picture I have of my Nana and Grandad - Doesn't he look like the Monopoly man?

A sugar cube picker upper (clearly made up that title) which I found when clearing out her house. I'm going to put it on display in the kitchen - when we get one!

I got some money in her will which arrived a few days ago and I’ve managed to become debt free because of it – apart from student loans and the mortgage, but I have high hopes for a lottery win so I’m not going to get my knickers in a twist over those.

I’m not comfortable discussing money normally and I hate lending cash of any kind so paying off debts is a biggie for me. But I’m sad that I never got to say thank you to her for thinking of me in her will, and I’m sad that she never got to see the house herself.

It might just be cash, but now I know that instead of paying off debts, I can start saving for the next bit of plaster, or the next pot of paint, or maybe even a kitchen!

I suppose we could have had a holiday (trust me, I was mega tempted) but I hope she’s pleased that we’re warm and clean instead. Proper boring and sensible and grown up. It feels good. Cheers Nan!

Karen x 

Wishlist Wednesday – 22nd Feb 2012

I spotted the below image last week on a blog that I’m following. Quite simply, I thought it was the cutest thing I’ve seen in ages.
So I thought:
If there’s ever anything that I want to add to a wishlist, it is that!

How adorable!

I can’t think of a single room in my house I could get away with it, but I thought it was endearing all the same. I do have pet rats and perhaps I could be super geeky and take pictures of them next to their new door in a tophat. (And if you don’t believe me that this exists, I insist you check out a website called Rats in Hats!)
Perhaps for now I’ll keep it on the Wishlist.

Thanks to Rochelle at Inhouse Mum for introducing it to me!
You can read her blog entry here.

Karen x 

Wishlist Wednesday – 15th Feb 2012

As it was Valentine’s Day yesterday, I’ll dedicate this Wishlist Wednesday to Joe and something that he would adore in the house – Lots and lots of moustache memorabilia.

Joe has a thing about moustaches. He thinks they’re bloody brilliant and always tries to grow one. You know the Monopoly man? Yeah, that kind of moustache.

Joe + moustache

I’ve done a wander across the internet and picked my top 5 moustache house decorations (click on the image for original source).

Take your pick Joe, which should we get? 🙂

1. Moustache pillow
2. The je m’appelle moustache lightbulb
3. Mr Moustache vinyl sticker 4. Mr Moustache chalkboard
5. Moustache wine glasses
 Karen x

Another bathroom update!

To the outside world it won’t look as if we’ve done a whole lot yet and I know that most normal people get a bathroom done in about two weeks. Well, we’re not normal. Nor are we rich.

Joe has worked really hard on doing the room himself and we have completely re-modelled it so it may still take a while.
Current tasks in the bathroom include:

Moving piping
I didn’t even know what a stop tap was before moving house. This is how new it is to me. For anyone else as gormless as myself on the topic, the stop tap is a tap that stops/starts the water supply to your house. It was previously behind the toilet but as we have moved this and are now putting a shower there, it’s probably the worst place for a stop tap. (How many times can you say stop tap in a minute?)
Within this job comes moving a lot of pipes around (apparently).
Joe has already drilled down to the area in the kitchen where we will have the new stop tap (directly underneath the old toilet/new shower area).
Also, we had to remove the old hot/cold water pipes that were sticking out of the floor in the bathroom and coming down the kitchen walls. These are redundant now because we have central heating.
This was a welcome job because Joe got to use his beloved angle grinder and wear a funny overall outfit.

The pipes were directly above the sink so it got a bit messy…

Joe has started grouting. Hooray! The whole bathroom can’t be done yet because the shower needs to be installed into the wall before we can tile that area. But a start is a start.

Installing the essentials
So far the toilet and bath has been temporarily installed. They had to be removed though in order for Joe to tile behind them. Technically we shouldn’t be using the bath at all without a seal and without it being fully connected. As you can see, it’s currently being balance on a poker chip. But hey, a girl’s gotta wash!
We’ll need to hire someone soon to fit in everything. Finally! The toilet, sink, bath and shower. It’s a big job and won’t be cheap, but we’re nearing the finish line now.

Buy a door
The current door has taken a good battering with all the DIY going on lately. It doesn’t matter so much though because it is going to be replaced eventually (it is also bright pink – my least favourite colour in the world). For the time being though, we’ve had to flip it upside down so we can move the hinges as we want it to open towards the wall, as opposed to the open space. It looks a bit funny and we’re using a tub of adhesive as a lock (if you want privacy, place tub in front of door. Simple) but it does the job for now.

Karen x

Privacy at last

Although not the most exciting of big projects, last Friday our blinds arrived.
For the past six months, Joe & I have been concentrating on getting the lounge and our bedroom finished. After all, these are the rooms we really ‘live‘ in, so it’s nice to have somewhere to escape to when the rest of the house is like a bomb site.

Each month, we have managed to get one step closer, and Christmas and birthdays have helped along the way. However, the lounge still felt unfinished and this is mostly because of the huge window at the front. Without having blinds or curtains, passers by stop and stare into our lounge for a nosey. We really don’t do anything all that interesting in there so they mostly get a good peek at me nibbling dinner, or Joe throwing his Xbox controller across the room when he can’t level up on Batman. (This is also the reason why I’ve avoided the Wii fit board since moving. I refuse to prance about huffing and panting with an audience!)

Now, finally, we have the privacy we need and it feels awesome. As always, here are some pictures to tell this glorious tale…

Just as we could see right out onto the road, they could see us too (and our surround sound entertainment system. If for no other reason, we needed blinds to avoid attracting thieves!)

But here are the blinds that we chose! Do you like?

Please pardon the messy lounge.

We are thinking about getting some curtains over these blinds to match the back window but thats just a luxury that we’ll do one day in the future. One more step down. Huzzah!

Karen x

Wishlist Wednesday – 8th Feb 2012

Before we knew for certain that we had the house, Joe and I picked out some things that we would love in our dream home.
When I was younger, I had asked my mum for black walls and a black ceiling in my bedroom. Not in a gothic/miserable way. I just thought it would be like sleeping outside. What a cheerful young girl I must have been! She sensibly said no and I ended up with an amazing space room instead complete with glow in the dark stars on the ceiling. Jealous? You should be! It rocked my world. A black wall has been on my Wishlist Wednesday for many years now.

At an interiors exhibition last year, I came across a designer wallpaper stand and re-ignited my love for black walls. The specific design was by Barbara Hulanicki from Graham & Brown, and it was called Skulls.

I love skull things. Again, not in a morbid/depressing/emo way. Some girls love flowers or vintage stuff or Hello Kitty. I just like skulls.

I told Joe about the wallpaper and thought how fun it would be to make it a feature wall in our green bedroom. Joe bought me a sample and grew to like it himself, but plans change and we ended up making our feature wall a plain green instead. (Click here to see it!) Also, it was a designer wallpaper so to actually use it as a feature wall in our bedroom would have cost almost £100. I’m not sure I’m willing to spend quite so much on one wall. I’m just a cheapskate.

I suppose we could still try it in another of the bedrooms, but I think realistically it belongs on my wishlist, distinctly filed under Dream Home. On second thoughts, I still have the sample. It’s A4 in size so perhaps I could frame it and use it in the bedroom after all?  Maybe I should pick a green/white frame though. Just so our house doesn’t end up decorated like a dungeon.

Karen x

Let it snow…please?

I was really gutted when we didn’t get a single flake of snow over the Christmas/New Year. Especially when my beloved phone kept assuring me we would get some.


Finally, this weekend, the sky actually delivered.
I know a lot of people don’t like the snow and cold weather. And yes, it’s an absolute nightmare to drive/walk etc etc. But I absolutely love it. It wasn’t quite enough to build a snowman in our back garden yet – an event I will surely scream and shout about like a 5 year old, but oh well. In fact, our back garden became an ice-rink and I didn’t dare venture that way. My Igor (Igor is my car, which I have just finished paying off. Woohoo! This means more money put aside for house stuff) got a good dusting so that will have to do for now. I guess I’ll have to wait until next Winter to see my house in white.

 Karen x

Wishlist Wednesday – 1st Feb 2012

Something that I’ve always wanted in a house (although really it was probably intended for the day I buy a mansion) is a library. I always loved to read, even from a very young age, and I think from the moment I saw Beauty and the Beast as a child, I just assumed that houses have a west wing and a library. Y’know. As standard. What? THEY DON’T? How very rubbish. Ooo and secret doors that lead to said library would just be marvelous.

Clearly what all houses should look like! We'll give Disney the bill...

Coming back into the real world, I know that for my house this isn’t really feasible unless we physically build one at the back of the house, and I guarantee Joe will try and build a games room/ Star Wars room before we ever build a library.
(Don’t know where I’m getting all this hypothetical building money from! Oh well, it’s Wishlist Wednesday, I’m allowed to play pretend!)

Being the compromising person I am (oh yes, go me!) I’d be happy with a simple bookshelf somewhere. Over the past year or so, I’ve actually got rid of most of my books. Mostly for storage reasons and to make a bit of extra cash for moving. But there are some that I can’t bear to part with, and I do, from time to time, re-read them.

So, adding to my wishlist is a wall of books. After Googling this, I came across plenty of “library porn”, as I’ve now discovered it’s called, as well as “bookshelf porn” – also wonderfully named. Here’s a few of my favourite finds (click the images for the original websites with loads more pictures). Don’t books make a home look cosy?

Colour coded bookshelves. Love it!

Storing books in a staircase! Amazing idea!

Who needs pictures when you can have books? This is taken from a blog which features Cool bookshelves. Amazing!

So cosy!

Karen x