Not a bad Halloween attempt for a Brit

We never bothered with Halloween when I was young. Sure, we did the occasional fancy dress party, and when I went to university, Halloween was always a big thing. But in terms of Halloween at home, we never did it. We had a family tradition that Halloween was a time to close the curtains, watch a great movie, and pretend we’re not home. Sounds really harsh but it was always a laugh.

Me & Joe have dressed up for Halloween the past two years, but we didn’t do anything in our flat because quite frankly, we didn’t see the point. I don’t think we’re alone here either. Just looking down our street this week and there is no-one with any decorations up. Perhaps it’s a student thing. I can’t remember seeing a Halloween-related decorated house since being at university. Anywho, I digress.

This year with the house, we’re really trying stuff out that we never did before. We’ve bought a big bowl of treats for the kids on the street just in case we get Trick/Treaters (and if no-one comes to the door, I guess will we have to eat it all. Oh no!)

And we even went and bought a pumpkin. Neither of us have done one before and we had a real laugh with it this weekend. Next year, I think we will get some more decorations and make a big deal out of it like the Americans do. I love Halloween and I think us Brits are utterly pants at it.

Here’s the adventure of our first pumpkin, which we called Pummy (just so creative). Warning: I may include an overload of images. Apologies in advance.

The "before" picture. Yes that IS Desperate Housewives in the background which Joe now loves. But that's a story for another day...Also, the Darth Vader helmet will be what we will answer the door in.

What can I say? This is Joe

Never knew how messy pumpkins were!

I honestly have no explanation for this

....or this

Introducing Pummy the pumkin!

Our Halloween candle from Joe's parents & a bowl of choccies for the kiddies

This is me when we were moving into the house. It's what I'll be wearing to open the doors to the kiddies. IF any come around.

Happy Halloween everyone.

Karen x

So….taps are interesting right?

I am generally a very forgetful person, and a tad useless in life to be honest. The only thing that gets me through the days is my monstrous, ever-growing to-do list.

Sat with terribly greasy hair yesterday, really in need of a shower after gutting the house, me & Joe decided it was time to get this bathroom job back on the go (don’t worry, I went to the gym for a shower. I’m not a that much of a hobo!)

So we decided to bite the bullet and order the taps we’ve wanted for bloody ages! And, we got them for about a third of the price that they would have been in stores such as Wickes or B&Q (yet another reason why the internet is amazing).

And there it is. They’ll be arriving this week and I’ll be a very happy clean lady. You see, once we have the taps, we can actually connect the bath and sink that we already have waiting in there. They’re just sat there looking pretty at the moment collecting dust.

This is probably the most boring blog post to anyone out there reading this, but I have done this so that one day I can re-read it and say to myself:
Gosh, what a saddo getting all excited about those blummin’ taps.

Plus, to me, getting these ordered is a sign that we may have a fitted bathroom before Christmas. SCORE!

(The fact that I am writing a blogpost about taps whilst listening to Coldplay is making me feel incredibly middle-aged. But hey, who said you have to be old to take pride in your new home. Insert big cheesy grin and thumbs up here.)

Karen x

The Autumn/Winter home collection

I love Autumn and Winter. Mostly because I get to crack out my winter wardrobe which consists of funny hats, big coats, hockey jerseys and colourful tights.

But I also love the feel of it. Last year was miserable. Not me. I wasn’t at all miserable. I’m a lucky bunny. But the whole of winter just felt like a downer. The winter rain started in Summer so everyone was frustrated. And so many were complaining about the snow because they couldn’t travel. Well this year I’m trying to stay optimistic. So here’s a post dedicated to taking time out to appreciate what I have: a wonderful house in my favourite season.

The massive tree in the front of the house I’m sure will annoy me & Joe as the years go on, as we have to tackle the hundreds of leaves that it sheds, but for now, they just look so darn pretty, I’m happy for them to be here…for now.

The view when we look up at our front door. Our massive tree

Lily/Pebbles waiting for my outside in a pile of leaves

Joe eventually buried my whole legs in leaves, but this picture is prettier hehe

Bit of a girly moment. Even did my nails AUTUMN STYLE!

What will one day be our driveway, covered in "presents" (read: more leaves)

Joe fitting the tap in at the side of the house. With leaves as his only friends. He looks so handsome in the picture. I love it

Okay so maybe I did use Instagram to make the images a bit more Autumny (is that even a word?!) but that’s irrelevant! 🙂

With Halloween just around the corner, we’re going to carve a pumpkin this weekend for the windowsill. Hopefully some neighbours will pop round (it seems that the area has a lot of families with young children) and it will be a great opportunity to meet more of them.

I’ve bought candy and everything (check me going all American on y’all) so I’m well prepared. I’m sure I will post a picture of our first Halloween in the house, (there I am with that phrase again) with what will hopefully be a decent looking pumpkin. Watch this space…

Karen x

I don’t think I’ve ever hugged an oven until now

I never in my life thought I’d get sick of takeaways.
That was until recently when we discovered that living without an oven/proper kitchen meant we could either:

  • Eat out, get fat, and be skint.
  • Order in, get fat, and be skint.
  • Invest in a temporary oven, eat better, be skint.

Being skint seemed inevitable so we decided to invest in an oven – on the cheap. If you’ve been following this blog, you’ll know that me and Joe did try for a short while to make do with what we had (microwave, George Foreman grill, and imagination) but I was personally getting super depressed, tired, moody, and just really really squishy. I missed my vegetables and I really missed cooking.

So, when Joe’s relatives, John and Barbara, called with a second hand oven they were shifting, we were over the moon. I absoutely love it. It may be old, but I’m choosing to think of it as retro. Sure, one day we will replace it when we get around to doing the kitchen properly, but for now, I can eat proper food again; boil veg, stir fry things, eat pasta. I never realised how much I use a hob before now. So I’m going to unpack my cookbooks this week, and get back to the gym to get rid of this takeaway podge.

(Let’s see how long it lasts. Yo Sushi! tonight Joe?)

Karen x

Houses look better with balloons

This blog is called “Well I guess this is growing up” so it would be rude of me not to mention my birthday! Especially since I am now in my *gulp* mid-20s. And because it was my first birthday in the house.
(Sorry if I get annoying with this phrase. I imagine over the next year, I’ll be doing the first of everything in the house – my first pizza in the house, first Christmas in the house, first shower in the house etc)

So today, Friday October 21st, I turned 25.
Last night, I came home from work, hoping to put my slippers on, play with the pets, and then get into something a bit snazzier to go out with Joe’s parents to a local Italian.
But I was welcomed with, balloons, banners, and a suprise…

Joe had the day off which I didn’t know. What I also didn’t know is that his parents had bought us a bedroom carpet for my birthday, and Joe had stayed in to get it fitted!

Balloons on the front door

Banners and balloons on our bedroom door

Our bedroom carpet!

The room just looks so much different/better/complete with it in there!

For some this might be a bit weird, but to put it into context, we don’t have any flooring at the moment in the house – just floorboards. Carpet in the bedroom will mean that we are able to finish at least one room in the house completely. It’s an amazing feeling.

Also, the girls in the office were really generous and got me a B&Q voucher so I’m going to use it on paint this weekend, and get this bedroom polished off over the next week or so.

It’s amazing how much birthdays change as you get older. I love pressies for the house. Joe said I might feel a bit deflated if I got housey things for my birthday as it wasn’t just for me, but I love the fact that I’ll see it every single day and I’ll be reminded of my first birthday in the house (there I go again with that phrase).

Besides, I have got some pressies just for me as well, so I’m really a very lucky girl. My mum has also offered to get me something for the house for my birthday so watch this space to see what me & Joe decide on. More pressies to come later, yippee! If you’re reading this Peter & Carol, thanks so much! I may have thought I was standing on the cat when I got up this morning (seriously, mini heart attack) but it’s the best suprise I could have asked for. And thanks to the girls at the office. I’ll let you know what your voucher was spent on. Thank you!

Karen x

A thank you to our rockstar friends

This weekend we had a visit from our good chums Sam & Dan (ullo you two!) as they hadn’t seen the house yet.

Back in the days of the flat, me & Joe would host Fajita Fridays (guys, it’s your turn now until we get a kitchen back!).
However, more often than not, we would all stuff ourselves with food, the boys would head off to the kitchen for a large amount of booze, and me & Sam would bash it out on Guitar Hero like rockstars.

So, in true rock ‘n roll style, they got us the best cheese grater I have ever seen in my life. Plus, because it’s so funky, Joe is going to have to let me have more cheese in the house (he hates cheese). YAY!

Thank you Sam & Dan. We will surely return the favour when you buy a palace of your own. Rock on mi amigos.

I *think* that is meant to be a drawing of me & Joe

Karen x

Reblog: Halloween Decorating Inspiration

Me & Joe have been looking to do the lounge an orange colour. We have a black leather couch so we know we shouldn’t really add brown also (although I do like to mix-and-match things so we’ll see!)

Halloween is the perfect time to get inspired for this type of decorating. I saw this blog post and just thought immediately “I want to decorate the lounge NOW!”

I can’t wait to get painting. And to celebrate Halloween. I do love Autumn/Winter!

-Karen x