Never thought I’d be blogging about a fence…

A really nice suprise when we arrived on the Saturday morning was that some fences had already been delivered for the front garden. This was courtesy of Joe’s Aunty and Uncle (Debbie and Alan) who had already been to the house and made measurements the week before we moved in. How freakin’ cute is that! It was just an awesome moving present.
Even moreso if you look at the fence that was originally with the house. Unfortunately it was falling apart and added to the fact that the house looked abandoned – something we wanted to change quicktime. Here’s some piccies of the changeover.

Byebye original fence

Hello new fence

Joe's Aunty Debbie, Uncle Alan, and Cousin Ryan, helping clear by the side of the house. This will eventually be a driveway.

Joe's dad Peter knocking down some concrete posts.

My sister Amy battering the fence with a spade!

Joe's dad (Peter) and Uncle (Alan) re-positioning the concrete posts

Ladies with the best seat in the house! (From left to right, Joe's mum, Carol, Aunty, Debbie, and Sister, Sam)

A group shot next to the new fence panels. Why not? From left to right: Bottom: My sister Amy, me, Joe's mum, Carol. Top: Joe's dad Peter, Uncle Alan, Sister Sam, Aunty Debbie, Cousin Ryan.

I feel bad that Joe isn’t in many of the pictures so far. He’s been behind the camera! I will get some more of him soon for sure.

I have some videos of Joe destroying concrete slabs and me (trying) to destroy the wooden fence with a spade, but I’ll save that juicy stuff for another time.

– Karen x

The Jungle that was our garden

After almost 6 months since we had our offer accepted on the house, we are finally granted access, and in that time the garden has become pretty much like a jungle.

However, Joe’s sister (Sam) and her hubby-to-be (Andy) helped out. Well, more than helped out actually. They brought around their fancy tools (as we have nothing yet!) and gutted the garden. They ripped out everything that was dead, everything that we didn’t want, and cut and evened out the lawn ready for winter. And although it may sound like a pretty easy job at first, the garden is almost 60 feet long, and took them an entire day, over the bank holiday – and as we all know in the UK, the weather is never good on a bank holiday. It’s a rule.

It now looks like this…
(what is also funny is Sam has been trying to get into all the piccies. Gold star if you can spot her in this one…)

Flippin’ amazing! All ready for burning stuff on Bonfire night I reckon! 🙂

– Karen x

Blast from the past

We have been very fortunate that Joe’s dad, Peter, used to be an electrician. It means that quite quickly, we are able to update a lot of the fittings in the house, as well as add more sockets before we decorate (Joe loves gadgets so the more plug sockets we have, the easier life will be!).

Peter has been an absolute gem and started this already. After taking up one or two floorboards to get the job done, he has stumbled across some really old newspapers, and I’m chuffed.

I love the fact that the previous owner for some reason deemed them worthy of storing. I love the fact that it takes you back to a different time. And I love the fact that it gives us some more history about the house where we will make our own.

My favourite clipping so far has got to be this one:
Taken from the Evening News & Chronicle (can only assume this means Manchester?) on Friday, 10th January, 1969.

I really hope we find some more.

-Karen x


Arriving at the house on Saturday morning, all ready to get cracking, at the ready with heavy-duty gloves and a trillion bin bags, we were greeted with a cute furry creature on the doorstep: a cat.
She has been following us around the house, pretending to help out (in other words, rolling around wallpaper that has been ripped off walls) and rubbing up our legs. She practically lives with us already and I think she’s just adorable.
The neighbours told us they’re not sure where she lives, but the previous owner used to feed the cat before she died. All I know is, the kitty is welcome round whenever she wants. 🙂

Here’s a few pictures of her popping up around the house over the bank holiday weekend.

"Please let me in!"

Can I keep her please!?

Who needs a guard dog when you can have a guard cat?

Bum to the face! Charming!

She blummin' loves wallpaper


Spoiled already

Here’s the cat getting a good tickling from my sister Amy. Practically part of the family.

-Karen x

The ‘before’ video

As soon as I got the keys to the house, I decided to make a video tour of what it originally looked like.

This was mostly for my mums sake because she won’t end up seeing it for another week (when we would hopefully have done plenty of improvements by then). Also, this way, in a week’s time, I can do another video to see our progress.

Sorry in advance for my annoying voice 🙂

I will update this post at a later date with the ‘after‘ video.

-Karen x